I reside in Spring Valley, California, near San Diego, on a property that I grew up on and that has wonderful views of the southern California landscape.  

For a dozen years from 2002 until 2014, I was the Dean of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I have taught painting and drawing at a number of colleges and universities; including St. Mary's College of Maryland; the Hope School of Art at Indiana University, Bloomington; the Herron School of Art at IUPUI and at Pratt Institute in New York. 

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, attended the New York Studio School in the mid-seventies, and received my MFA in Painting from the Yale School of Art in 1979.  I showed intermittently over the years, but did not sustain a gallery career.

Until I became the dean of an art school, I did large scale figure and still life paintings.  When I was Dean at PAFA in Philadelphia, I did mostly drawings, which I came to prefer.  Most of the drawings are 22 by 30”, except for some of the figure and still life drawings which are 11 by 15”. 

I have only very recently been able to return to painting, which has reawakened a passion that surprises me.  I will post them at some point when they are ready to be shown.

I am also a long term meditator and spiritual practitioner in the buddhist and advaita lineages.  My interests are reflected in some of my paintings and drawings.